Changsha Xiangpu Flameproof Vehicle Co., Ltd was registered at Hunan Industry and Business Bureau. Xiangpu’s first Ex-proof forklift truck (Model NO. FD30Z5T-FB, Zone 1, IIB, T4 ) was put into operation at Huabei oil field in the same year. It is the first forklift with explosion-proof conversion system manufactured by domestic Chinese company and is now still in service for our customer safely and efficiently. 


Xiangpu-TCM and Xiangpu-Daewoo Ex-proof forklift truck for 2.0T, 2.5T and 3.0T were developed. These products were applied in petroleum industrial corporations, including Dalian Petrochemical Co., Tianjin Petrochemical Co., Beijin Yanshan Petrochemical Co. and Maoming Petrochemical Co. As a Chinese brand, Xiangpu was the pioneer to serve Petrochemical and National Petroleum Systems with Ex-proof vehicles in China.


Xiangpu-TCM and Xiangpu-Daewoo Ex-proof diesel forklift truck passed the technology permanent assessment of 'National Supervision and Inspection Center for Explosion Protection and Safety of Instrumentation'. Because of the domestic limitations about explosion-proof tests and certifications, the overwhelming majority of Chinese Ex-proof diesel vehicles were authenticated by oversea organizations. Xiangpu is the first manufacturer that holds both domestic and overseas certification for Ex-proof diesel forklift trucks.


Xiangpu core products, namely 2-3t series Ex-proof diesel forklift truck , were authenticated as New High-tech Products by Hunan Science Bureau and these products were applied widely in medicine, coating, logistics and other industries in the same year.

Xiangpu continuously developed Ex-proof diesel tractors, Ex-proof diesel truck and Ex-proof lifting platform, all of which are commercialized in the market .


Xiangpu continuously developed Ex-proof diesel tractors,, Ex-proof diesel truck and Ex-proof lifting platform, all of which are commercialized in the market .

In order to respond to the domestic explosion-proof vehicle market, build industry codes and ensure products quality, we cooperated with Supervision & Test Center of Ex-products of China Petroleum & Chemical Industry (PCEC), and established the first national explosion-proof diesel vehicle test laboratory together. During the same year, Xiangpu’s ‘A’ series 2-3T Ex-proof diesel forklift was certified by PCEC, which kept us ahead at least three years. This is the first explosion-proof certificate of explosion proof vehicle / power equipment for ground industry, and it is a landmark event in the field of explosion protection in China.

Xiangpu obtained certification of ISO9001 quality management system from China Quality Center (CQC). The trademark of XIANGPU was also registered by National Industry and Business Bureau in the same year. Because of continuously innovation and outstanding achievement, we won the title of ‘New High-Tech Enterprise’ in September of 2004, which helped us to gain better financing environment and tax preference, and laid the foundation of further development.
In order to meet the market demand and development of the enterprise, Xiangpu built a professional explosion-proof product manufacturing base in Changsha (Xingsha) National Economic and Technological Development Zone. The workshop covering an area of 2600 square meters, the office and test site has an area of 2200 square meters.The first Xiangpu Ex-proof forward electric stacker and Ex-proof electric forklift have been put into market. In the same year, Xiangpu became the exclusive sales agent and technical support institution of the Great British explosion-proof equipment manufacturer Chalwyn in China and neighboring countries. The first 2.5t Ex-proof diesel forklift was sold to Russia and became the first Chinese Explosion-proof industrial vehicle to be used overseas.

Xiangpu forklift is widely used in military, aerospace, aviation industry. The company has become an online registered supplier of Sinopec system. With the rapid development of the market scale, we have become the largest market-share holder in the domestic Explosion-proof diesel vehicle industry. The 45-500 HP series Explosion-proof diesel engine has been developed successfully and put into the market.
Xiangpu 5-7 ton large tonnage Ex-proof diesel forklifts and 20-30 ton Ex-proof diesel tractor have been launched and Ex-proof certified, which filled the vacancy in domestic market. In the same year, the first Ex-proof Engineering Vehicle, Explosion-proof Loader Truck, was put into the market.


Xiangpu 2-3t, A, B, C, D, E five series of Ex-proof diesel forklifts, 1-3t series Ex-proof battery forklift were certified and put into the market, which fully met customers’ needs. Different vehicles with the following brand: TCM, Linde, JAC, MITSUBISHI, Daewoo, Doosan, TOYOTA, ATF, Clark, Tai Lifu, Heli, Hester, Hangzhou, Yuchai, Komatsu, BT, TEU, Nowlis, PR, Yi, Autopass etc.were successfully Ex-Proof modified one by one at Xiangpu factory.
The first domestic Ex-proof forklift for combustible dust environment application has been certified and put into Huizhou refinery, Qingdao refinery, Puguang gas field and so on. The first Ex-proof loader (aground dust environment) was successfully developed to fill the domestic market gap, which got the national utility model patent certificate (certificate number: ZL20010 206500299.2). So far, Xiangpu has fully committed to the field of Ex-proof equipment manufacturing, including Ex-proof industrial vehicles, Ex-proof engineering vehicles, Ex-proof transport vehicles and Ex-proof diesel engine etc. We were the first company to fully perform all the national explosion-proof standards including GB3836, GB19854, GB20800 and GB12476 in China.

Xiangpu has established its own system in explosion-proof electric vehicle design and production. In recent years, we have developed Ex-proof Reach Forklift, Ex-proof Electric Counterbalance Forklift, Ex-proof electric Pallet stacker, Ex-proof electric tractor, Ex-proof electric sightseeing car, Ex-proof electric patrol car, Ex-proof electric truck, etc. The first Ex-proof diesel forklift for explosive gas and combustible dust application (double environment) was successfully developed and put into the domestic market. The company has become a registered supplier of CNOOC systems. In the same year, Xiangpu was identified by the government as 'High-tech Enterprise'.
A new generation of 'Xiangpu - Komatsu' and 'Xiangpu - Hester' and 'Xiangpu - Doosan' Ex-proof diesel forklift, 'Xiangpu - Doosan' and 'Xiangpu-Linde' Ex-proof battery forklift, as well as'Xiangpu -BT Ex-proof electric stacker, have been successfully developed and put into the market. Xiangpu’s Ex-proof conversion technology was fully implemented on almost all well-known forklift brand from home and abroad.
“Xiangpu - Eagle” Ex-proof electric sampling car and Ex-proof electric inspection vehicle were developed and approved by explosion-proof inspection agency. Following the company’s patent of ‘Ex-proof Diesel Exhaust Purification System’(Patent No.: ZL200920066374.8) in 2009, we have been gradually applying it to our Ex-proof diesel forklifts and Ex-proof diesel engine sets for 3 years. Particularly in this year, it was widely favored and preferred by users.  


In the same industry, we were the first one to obtain national ‘(Ex-proof) special equipment installation, transformation, maintenance of level-A license’, which means Xiangpu is the highest qualified enterprise in the industry of explosion-proof modification / transformation. Xiangpu 10 ton Ex-proof diesel forklift and 14-meter-Ex-proof diesel lift (aerial work platform) were developed successfully, which filled the domestic market gap. Under collaboration with the world's famous industrial vehicle brand - Linde Company, 'Xiangpu- Linde' full series of Ex-proof vehicles including Ex-proof pallet trucks, Ex-proof forklifts, Ex-proof pallet stacker, Ex-proof reach forklift, Ex-proof electric forklift,Ex-proof diesel forklift, Ex-proof tractor and so on were put into the market.
The company obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certificate. Our 12-meter Ex-proof oil-cold-type diesel high-altitude operation platform was launched as a ‘Global First’. We participated in the ‘Maoming Petrochemical Basf Company Ltd 2G IIC T4 (joint venture) Grade Forklift’ public bidding, and won the tender after beating 2 other foreign companies. This project was successfully developed and became the highest grade of Explosion-proof Mobile Industrial Vehicle across the world. Our 10-ton (large tonnage) Ex-proof diesel forklift was identified as ‘The First Major Technical Equipment Set Nationally’

Xiangpu’s Ex-proof diesel generators, Ex-proof air compressors, Ex-proof diesel battery cars, Ex-proof electric sightseeing vehicles, ‘Xiangpu - TOYOTA’ Ex-proof forklift and other products have been sold to Vietnam, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other countries and regions through different channels. Xiangpu’s Ex IIC T4 Gb Ex-proof electric forklifts were successfully approved by the third party authority and obtained Ex-proof certificate. It is the world’s leading technology and a global benchmark. Xiangpu’s ‘12-meter Ex-proof Mobile Diesel Aerial Work Platform’ was identified as ‘The First Major Technical Equipment Set Nationally’.

Xiangpu obtained ‘scientific and technological SMEs’ and ‘standardization of production safety enterprises’ certification, and pay close attention to technological innovation and safety in production. After one- year trial operation, the company has implemented the enterprise resource planning management platform (ERP system) in all departments, and has developed more optimized modern enterprise operation model. Xiangpu ‘Zone 1 IIC grade explosion-proof electric forklift’ was identified as ‘the first (set) of major technical equipment’.
Xiangpu explosion-proof electric air compressor units, diesel-powered and battery-powered 3.5T explosion-proof forklift have developed and launched successfully. Four models of explosion-proof vehicles with IIC T4 Zone1 explosion-proof grade, including explosion-proof diesel forklift, explosion-proof battery forklift, explosion-proof reach forklift and explosion-proof stacker, have passed type approval test (including 400 hours or 2000 hours endurance test) done by the third-party international authority . Xiangpu ‘explosion-proof air compressor unit’ was identified as ‘the first (sets) of major technical equipment’.