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Booming production and marketing- The first explosion-proof forklift of Xiangpu leave factory in Monkey year

On February 18,2016, the first batch of Xiangpu Ex-proof vehicle gets ready to come into the market in celebration of firecrackers, making a good start.
After Spring Festival, Xiangpu production and marketing continues to be booming. In manufacturing line, Ex-proof equipment are modifying and debugging under well organization. In sales and marketing, we acquire more orders than the same period last year.
A total of 7 units of Ex-proof forklift were shipped this time,which contain two power forms (Ex-proof electric forklift and Ex-proof diesel forklift), two vehicle structure (electric counterbalance forklift and electric reach forklift), and two refitting methods (Ex-proof refitting for in-use car and for new car). The basic vehicle brands cover Linde,TCM, MITSUBISHI, Heli, etc.,which is fully reflects the company’s technical capabilities,brand adaptation and the depth and breadth of the modification method.
In the new year, in the bullish market demand and the growing production load, Xiangpu will continuously insist on high quality standards and strict requirements, strengthen process technology, refine order management, promote and upgrade efficiency,effectiveness and customer satisfaction.