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Xiangpu High-grade IIC T4 Zone1 Ex-proof forklift For Explosive Hydrogen & Acetylene Gas Environment Application

On October 14 2015, after years of market research, application analysis, technology study and experiment exploring, Xiangpu successful researched and developed the Ex-proof electric forklift. The vehicle is suitable for IIC explosive gas environment with hydrogen and acetylene. The Ex-proof electric forklift got the Ex-proof authentication from the third party authoritative department and was put on market. It has already operated safely and effectively for nearly six months, without malfunction or after-sales quality problem.
The Zone1 IIC Ex-proof electric forklift is based on Linde (China) forklift chassis, and is powered by ex-proof battery. After a complex series of Ex-proof design and modify, Ex-proof system eliminates the vehicle possible ignition sources, including arc, spark, static, high temperature, etc. The Ex-proof system ensures vehicle safe running for cargo loading, unloading, stacking and handling application in very dangerous explosive gas (hydrogen) environment. It effectively prevents the happening of potential safety accident, avoid injury, death accidents, property loss and environmental damage.
The hydrogen gas and acetylene belong to the IIC explosive gas. Zone 1 is the place of releasing dangerous gases with high possibility. For a long time, there is no mobile vehicle allowed to enter the area for working. The Xiangpu Ex-proof forklift is the first (set of) high class Ex-proof vehicle, awarded ‘important science and technology equipment project in China’, which filled the domestic blank. It also has the highest  Ex-proof level of mobile industrial vehicles within the scope of world.