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2016 ‘Quality Year’ of Xiangpu Flame-Proof Vehicle Co., Ltd

A vast land of China appeared a piece of new sight, everywhere is beaming. On the occasion of the New year in 2016, Xiangpu adapts to market development and demand, which set a higher production goals than in 2015. In order to ensure the realization of this goal, adhering to ‘everything for customers, everything from innovation’, Xiangpu has carried out a series of plans and measures.
 1.Improve the staff's work enthusiasm and cohesion, to carry out ‘No pains, No harvest’, ‘hard work first, the harvest after’, as well as ‘Reward the diligent and Punish laziness’ performance evaluation policy.
 2.Carry out the production skills and production knowledge training and competition.
Training is long-term topic of enterprise management. Training can pass the value of the company, unify employees’ understanding, and improve operation skills.
To test production skills and products usage, we held ‘production skills and product knowledge competition’. We drew for grouping. The whole activity showed intense team competition, positively answer and unexpectedly exciting atmosphere.Finally we voted the “best team” and “best individual” two awards. Similar contest will be held in this year irregularly, in order to improve everyone’s working enthusiasm and learning enthusiasm.
To ensure production volume, ensure quality first. In 2016, the expected sales will be growth. the new product development efforts will also increase, which set a higher request to quality management. Through strengthening every link of the quality controlling, including design, purchasing, production, inspection, logistics, after-sales service, ect, we will strict control the key working of procedure quality of the product to ensure the reliability of the product and improve customer satisfaction.
Strengthen team construction. Company will build a capable, professional and efficient quality management team and after-sales service team, for the product quality stability of the manufacturing process and satisfying after-sales service.
Basic construction and technical renovation. In order to ensure that production capacity is absolutely higher than expected market orders, we have made corresponding planning for plant expansion and facilities purchasing, and implement step by step.
2016 is a crucial year for rapid development for Xiangpu. As the leading explosion- proof power equipment and service supplier in China, we will improve ourselves, to meet new challenges and achieve new forward leap of the company.